Inter-company AP

Applies to:  Currently for SBT Pro Series 5.0

Overview of Modification: This enhancement allows for one SBT company to pay for the expenses of one or more of the other SBT companies expenses. Here is how it works: The customer enters and AP invoice. If one of the distribution accounts is a "Inter-company" account. it creates a journal entry in the company it is paying the expense for (credit: Inter-company payable debit: expense). In the originating company it creates an Inter-company receivable (that corresponds to the distribution account entered). The Inter-company Receivable and Payable is determined by a look up table that the client enters. To pay of the Inter-company receivable a cash transfer is done.

 This works with all aspects of AP - recurring payables, edit AP invoices, voiding and so on.

      Installation: For Pro Series 5.0  – run installation program and select where SBT is installed. Go into system manager -> maintain-> companies -> Inter-company Accounts and enter Inter-company GL account numbers.  

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